Earth Day 2015! Join it, do it, be it!


New York City is a great place to be on Earth Day (if you can’t be deep in a forest, high on a mountain, or lulled by waves.) There is a lot to do all over the city this week, to advance the movement for climate justice and environmental protection and restoration!

Coming up on Monday-Wednesday, April 20, 21, 22! Join Rising Tide NYC, the People’s Climate Movement NY, Sane Energy Project, and many other groups for three days of action in NYC against fossil fuels — IT’S NOW OR NEVER!

Monday, April 20: The fatal explosion at a BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, that led to the catastrophic oil spill of many months’ duration, occurred five years ago. In response to a call for nation-wide solidarity actions from Gulf South Rising, meet at 8 am at Sara Roosevelt Park, Houston/Chrystie St, for a BP action.

Creating art for tomorrow's BP action commemorating 5 years since the Gulf oil spill, at an art build at People's Puppet Lair in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Photo: Erik McGregor

Creating art for tomorrow’s BP action commemorating 5 years since the Gulf oil spill, at an art build at People’s Puppet Lair in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Photo: Erik McGregor

Tuesday, April 21: Join a creative action calling on Governor Cuomo to veto the Port Ambrose LNG deepwater proposal organized by Sane Energy Project, 5 pm, 633 3rd Avenue (41st St).

Wednesday, April 22: On this Earth Day, 2015, New York City is releasing PlaNYC, the “sustainability and resiliency blueprint” for the city. Meet at 5:30 at City Hall for an event organized by ALIGN, calling for stronger NYC commitments to climate jobs and a rapid transition to a new economy based on renewable energy.


BCJN kicked off the week today (Sunday, April 19) by joining our friends with the Manhattan College Green Club for an Earth Day Clean-Up of lovely Brust Park (above), between Manhattan College Parkway and Greystone Avenue in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. With folks from neighboring buildings, we picked up more than 10 big bags’ worth of trash and recyclables and vowed to make some phone calls — To the adjacent Methodist Home for Nursing & Rehabilitation (718-548-5100), to politely request that they cover a dumpster from which a great deal of trash is blowing into the park; and to 311, to request that the NY Parks Dept. clean up piles of concrete debris dumped into the woods alongside the park’s path during repair work.

Below: In celebration of Earth Day 2015, enjoy today’s strip from Patrick McDonnell, creator of the earth-, planet-, animal-, and climate-friendly comic strip, MUTTS.



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