Help the NYC Council Build National Pressure Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)


The New York City Council will vote on Tuesday, April 28, on Resolution No. 576, declaring NYC a “TPP-free zone.”

Please join the Monday, April 27 press conference and public hearing, to make your voice heard — the TPP and the effort to “fast-track” it through Congress are of critical importance to climate, environmental, and economic and social justice efforts. The fast track bill was voted out of committee and will go to a floor vote in both houses of Congress very soon. It’s critical that we send our message now that the nation’s largest city opposes the TPP and fast-tracking it through Congress.

8:45 am, Monday, April 27: Press Conference on the steps of New York City Hall.

Who: Communications Workers of America, Sierra Club NYC Group, New York City Central Labor Council, NYS AFL-CIO, Food & Water Watch,, United Steel Workers, SEIU Local 32BJ, Voices of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY), Working Families Party, Alliance for Retired Americans, WEACT for Environmental Justice, NYS Nurses Association, Trade Justice NY Metro.

Confirmed Speakers: Councilmember and prime sponsor Helen Rosenthal, Josh Fox, Gasland, Zephyr Teachout, and leaders from above-listed groups.

Activists will go directly from the press conference to a 10 am public hearing at 250 Broadway (next to City Hall), 16th Floor Committee Room. You’ll need photo ID. If you’d like to speak, you’ll have 3 minutes to deliver your comments.

For further info about the press conference and hearing, go to the Facebook event page, HERE.

For analysis of the TPP — Say No to Corporate Power Grab

NAFTA on Steroids: The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would grant enormous new powers to corporations, is an assault on democracy.

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand needs further convincing to oppose the TPP. Please call her office to urge her “no” vote: (212) 688-6262.



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One Response to Help the NYC Council Build National Pressure Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

  1. A Lenape Call for a new cycle of consciousness to protect Mother Earth
    12.05.2015 – New York, United States – Pressenza Budapest
    A Lenape Call for a new cycle of consciousness to protect Mother Earth
    The UN building in Manhattan, original land of the indigenous Lenape People (Image by user: Knowsphotos on Flickr)
    The Abolition 2000 Annual Meeting took place on Saturday, May 2, during the Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference. It was opened with a moving welcome and greeting sent from the Lenape Center with a call for a new cycle of consciousness to protect Mother Earth. The Lenape were the indigenous First People in Manhattan who welcomed the Dutch settlers to New York City, which was initially explored by Europeans when Henry Hudson sailed up the river named after him in 1609.

    A statement from Lenape Center:

    Welcome to the Land of the Lenape, Lenapehoking.

    Mother Earth has provided for us everything we need to experience life since the beginning of time.

    This generosity has been abused by the addiction of profit, and her body deemed a commodity. We have prostituted our life-giving Mother to our greed; our vicious lust for profit has caused great injury to her body, a body that sustains us. Climate change is the symptom, global warming is her fever and the disease is greed.

    Had we kept a relationship of honor and respect with the Earth, we would not be in this climate change predicament, nor would we be here today to speak of peace and disarmament.

    The root cause of climate change, the weapons race, nuclear proliferation, and the military industrial complex are one: Humans have lost their natural calibration to the life-giving cycles of our planet. Heart, consciousness, compassion, balance, have ceased to be spun into life, and into renewal: Humans no longer feel an obligation to honor Earth’s true role as the life-giver and respectfully follow her natural cycles. The overwhelming obligation is now profit, at all costs.

    Welcome to Lenapehoking and into a call for a new cycle of consciousness.


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