Bombs on the Rails

The fossil fuel industry is in overdrive, transporting Bakken crude oil from North and South Dakota to hubs throughout the country. The map above depicts “crude-by-rail movements greater than 1,000 barrels per day; short distance movements between rail yards within a region are excluded.”

Bakken crude transported by rail on the Hudson River.

Bakken crude transported by rail on the Hudson River.

The majestic Hudson Valley, described by the oil industry as a “virtual pipeline,” is at great risk of a crude oil spill. Shipments via train come east to the port of Albany, and then down the Valley via bomb trains on the eastern shore of the Hudson, and oil barges and tankers on the river. A single accident could set back decades of work to clean the river and its tributaries.


The oil tanker Afrodite travels with a full load of Bakken crude from Albany through New York Harbor on its way to St. John, New Brunswick every ten days or so.

Riverkeeper is at the forefront of efforts to educate people in the Hudson Valley and New York City about the enormous threat posed by the virtual pipeline. You can find valuable background information from Riverkeeper, HERE. An online search for “bomb trains” yields scores of articles on the massive surge in transport of Bakken crude around the United States, with a corresponding leap in devastating and sometimes fatal accidents and explosions that seem to happen every couple of weeks.

Please join Bronx Climate Justice North and the Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains at the DANGER ZONE MARCH AND RALLY TO BAN UNSAFE OIL TRAINS this Sunday, May 17, 1 pm, starting in Teaneck, NJ! Details are available on the flyer below.



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