A plea to join minds, hands, and hearts in art and outrage

Dear BCJN,

Early this morning, I encountered a new video, from Greenpeace UK, of an astonishing and highly moving protest happening now in front of Shell headquarters in London. Please watch this brief video, to see an incredible display of art, outrage, celebrity, and people power in the courageous and unflinching service of planetary survival. There are performance activists chained inside the bear, who hope to remain with it until later in September, when the window for Shell’s drilling operation in the Arctic will close for the season.

Please go to this link and click on “Emma vs Shell,” for another astonishing video. I’m not able to embed the link successfully in this post.

Read an article about Aurora the bear and her creators, from The Guardian, HERE.

And take action by joining Greenpeace’s ARCTIC ROAR.

Here in New York City, our movement for climate justice and sanity is blessed with artistic genius in the form of People’s Climate Art and many other groups of (mainly young) artists who have come together to use their brains, hearts, and hands in service of a future for all species.

On September 16, many of these remarkable artists will be bringing their particular brand of genius to the Bronx Museum of the Arts for an evening of inspiration and brainstorming that will tap the genius of the Young Lords.

Does this raise more questions that it answers? Please go to this link on Facebook to learn more, and mark your calendar for this event on September 16.

As I’m writing to you, an oil barge is passing on the Hudson River, headed for points north.

Yours in rage and hope,

Jennifer Scarlott, BCJN Coordinator

aurora painting with credit_600




About JenniferS.

A founding member of Bronx Climate Justice North.
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