Break Free: Love is greater than the law


Break Free Proclamation:

We Are Here to Defend the Climate, the Constitution, and the Public Trust

We are here to help our community, our country, and the world Break Free From Fossil Fuels.

While we may risk arrest, we commit no crime.

Today the fossil fuel industry and the governments that do its bidding are laying waste to the earth’s atmosphere, the common property of humanity.

We are upholding fundamental principles embodied in the laws and constitutions of countries around the world.

We are upholding the unalienable rights to life and liberty.

We are implementing the public trust doctrine, which requires that vital natural resources on which human well-being depend must be cared for by our governments for the benefit of all present and future generations.

Governments have no right to authorize the destruction of the public trust.

Governments have no right to wreck the rights to life and liberty for future generations.

We are here to enforce the law on governments and corporations that are committing the greatest crime in human history.

Those who take nonviolent direct action—blockade coal-fired power plants or sit down at the White House to protest fossil fuel pipelines—are exercising their fundamental constitutional rights to life and liberty and their responsibility to protect the atmospheric commons they own along with all of present and future humankind.

We proclaim: The people of the world have a right, indeed a duty, to protect the public trust we own in common — the earth’s climate.

When we take nonviolent direct action we are law-enforcers carrying out our duty to protect the earth’s climate from illegal, dangerous crimes.

[Note: U.S. organizers of 2016 Break Free from Fossil Fuel actions support using the Public Trust Doctrine to frame U.S. Break Free actions.]

See you in Albany,



About JenniferS.

A founding member of Bronx Climate Justice North.
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