In a very short time, BCJN has joined with or initiated several major ongoing campaigns, including the struggle against construction of a FreshDirect facility in the South Bronx led by BCJN ally South Bronx Unite, a BCJN campaign to stop the idling of diesel trains on the Hudson River line in the Bronx and to alert Bronx communities to the hazards of propane transport on the line, and a campaign calling on Bronx elected officials to urge Governor Cuomo to veto the proposed Port Ambrose LNG (liquefied natural gas) deepwater terminal off the shores of Long Island.

Please keep an eye on these pages for ongoing developments in these campaigns, and on the Take Action section of the site, for ways that you can support our work.


Above: Bronx Climate Justice North at a pre-hearing rally in opposition to the Port Ambrose LNG deepwater terminal, Holiday Inn at JFK Airport, January 12, 2015. We submitted official testimony in opposition to the proposal before officials of the Maritime Administration (MARAD) and the U.S. Coast Guard. Photo: Erik McGregor


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